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An interview with William, our executive chef

Our Head Chef has considerable experience in preparing, cooking, and presenting the best possible tomahawk and ribeye steaks.
"We're not reinventing the wheel, we're just cooking really good food". Read our exclusive interview with William, executive chef, who shares what makes The Merchant Steakhouse a cut above the rest.

Welcome to an exclusive Q&A interview with William, the culinary maestro behind the delectable offerings at The Merchant Steakhouse.


As the Executive Chef, William brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the kitchen, curating a dining experience that transcends the ordinary. William has worked in Rosette and Michelin star restaurants, and has worked in some of the best kitchens in the United Kingdom.


Join us as we delve into his culinary journey, the inspirations that fuel his creations, and a sneak peek into the exciting developments at The Merchant Steakhouse.


William, can you share a bit about your background and how you found your passion for the culinary arts?

William: Certainly. My journey in the culinary world began at a young age, growing up surrounded by the aromas of home-cooked meals. As I honed my skills in various kitchens, I discovered a deep passion for the artistry of food.


My passion for creating exceptional food has been the driving force behind my culinary career, leading me to the role of Executive Chef at The Merchant Steakhouse.


Steakhouses are known for their classic offerings. How do you balance tradition with innovation in your approach to crafting the menu?

William: It’s a delicate balance, for sure. While I have great respect for traditional steakhouse fare, I believe in infusing a touch of innovation to keep things exciting. Our menu pays homage to classic cuts, but I also enjoy incorporating unique flavors and techniques to surprise our guests. I also take pleasure in preparing occasional weekend specials, which are always well-received by our customers. 


You are known for your personal approach with our customers, and delivering their meals to their table. Do you enjoy engaging with customers?

William: I absolutely love having the opportunity to speak with our customers. Through experience, I have a strong belief that chefs shouldn’t confine themselves within the kitchen. It is important to visit the dining floor, speak with our customers and hear their feedback.


Our customers always say that speaking with the chef that prepared their meal is an excellent component of their experience at The Merchant Steakhouse. As you know Kieran (interviewer), customers frequently cite in our Google reviews that speaking with the chef is one of the highlights of their visit. 


Unfortunately, due to how busy the kitchen is, I don’t always get the chance to visit the dining floor. However, our team of chefs will always make the effort – time permitting – to speak with our customers and listen to their feedback.


Our dry-aged steaks are renowned across Glasgow. Can you walk us through the process of creating this signature dish?

Our range of tomahawk steaks are sourced from local producers and cooked from scratch by our team of experienced chefs.
Before the cooking begins, all of our steaks are aged to perfection.

William: Absolutely. The dry-aging process is a labour of love. We carefully select prime cuts, then let them age in a controlled environment. Our steaks are either aged for 28-days or 45-days. This method enhances the flavour and tenderness, resulting in a steak that’s rich and robust. It’s a meticulous process, but the end result is worth it.


Regardless of your preference, at The Merchant Steakhouse, you are guaranteed to savour some of the best steaks in Glasgow.


Beyond steaks, are there any lesser-known gems on the menu that you believe deserve more attention?

William: Certainly! Our seafood offerings are often overlooked but are equally outstanding. The lobster mac and cheese, for example, provides a delightful contrast to the heartiness of our steaks. Whilst we are a steakhouse, I encourage diners to explore the diverse options on the menu. We wanted to create a luxury dining experience that was suitable for every palate – not just steak connoisseurs. 


The dining landscape is ever-evolving. How do you stay ahead of culinary trends while maintaining the essence of The Merchant Steakhouse?

William: It’s about staying curious and staying true to our identity. I keep a close eye on global culinary trends, but I always filter them through the lens of what makes The Merchant Steakhouse special. Our commitment to quality and a memorable dining experience remains constant, even as we embrace new ideas.


Lastly, any hints you can share about upcoming menu changes or special events at The Merchant Steakhouse?

An image from our 2023 festive menu

William: We have an exciting festive menu that will run until January 2024. Our team have meticulously planned our festive offering, ensuring that we offer both traditional seasonal favourites along with our own unique dishes. 


Furthermore, as I mentioned earlier, I take great pride in creating occasional weekend specials. These dishes are not listed on the menu, and are a special treat for our customers.


From innovative appetisers to enticing desserts, there’s always something new to discover. Keep an eye out for our announcements; we’re eager to share these culinary delights with our patrons.


William: I think I can say on good authority that we make the very best Beef Wellington in Glasgow. We have never received anything less than five-star reviews for our Beef Wellington, which is testimony to the great effort and care involved in the process of cooking this dish. 


Our Beef Wellington is a true masterpiece, featuring a prime cut of succulent beef tenderloin, seared to a mouthwatering perfection, and then enveloped in a delicate layer of golden pastry crust that’s baked to a crispy finish.


It takes over 24 hours for us to create our Beef Wellington (pre-booking is required). We cook everything from scratch using the best local produce we can source.

Our Beef Wellington, William's signature dish.

Thank you, William, for providing us with insights into the culinary world at The Merchant Steakhouse. We look forward to savoring the extraordinary experiences you continue to create for diners.


Customers visiting The Merchant Steakhouse will often see William on the dining floor. William enjoys spending time speaking with our customers and asking for their feedback. Due to the time it takes perfecting every dish that leaves our kitchen, our chefs cannot always visit the dining floor but every effort is made to do so when time permits. 


If you are ready to experience Glasgow’s best steakhouse dining experience, click on the button below to reserve your table. We eagerly await your visit.

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