Sunday Roast Glasgow

Sunday Roast At The Merchant sTEAKHOUSE

Glasgow's most delectable Sunday Roast dining experience

Indulge in the quintessential Sunday dining experience at The Merchant Steakhouse in Glasgow with our exquisite Sunday Roast offering. Every Sunday, we invite you to savour the rich and comforting flavours of a traditional British roast, expertly prepared and served in a charming, upscale setting.


The Merchant Steakhouse in Glasgow is the ultimate destination for those seeking an exceptional Sunday Roast experience. We pride ourselves in offering a unique and inviting atmosphere that is perfectly complemented by our delectable Sunday Roast offerings. So, if you’re looking for a mouthwatering and enjoyable dining experience, head to The Merchant Steakhouse for a Sunday Roast you won’t soon forget.

Farquhar Macleod

An amazing restaurant. The food was superb and unique. The staff are lovely; so friendly and helpful.


The Merchant Steakhouse easily competes with some of the best steakhouses I’ve visited in New York.

Tony Fisher

The most amazing meal I have ever had!

Kathleen Lafferty

Everything was great. Delicious and Well Presented. Staff were Efficient and Friendly. Definitely Worth A Visit!

Siobhan Murphy

Really lovely experience, we booked the market menu. I would highly recommend and definitely go back.

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