A La Carte Menu

Our Renowned A La Carte Menu

Renowned Across Glasgow, our A La Carte menu is the brainchild of executive Chef William Lee

Available all day from Tuesday – Sunday, our renowned A La Carte menu is everything you want from a Steakhouse in Glasgow, and then some.


Featuring delectable seafood options, a range of Dry-Aged steaks, our tender Chateaubriand, and of course our signature Beef Wellington, our A La Carte menu offers the melt-in-your-mouth perfection that we are renowned for.


Our trained and committed servers will guide you through our A La Carte menu, suggesting appropriate sides and wine choices to compliment each meal.


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We have a range of sharing platters; making The Merchant Steakhouse perfect for meals with family, friends, or corporate lunches.

Our Renowned A La Carte Menu

Featured Starters

  • Chef's Soup Of The Day (V) (VG) 7.5

    Toasted Sourdough / Sea Salt Butter


    Garden Pea / Braised Lettuce / Chorizo / Salsa Verde / Trout Roe


    Arran Oatties / Pickled Baby Pears / Wakame / Dulse Powder / Herb Pesto

  • Hot Smoked Tay Salmon 14.5

    Shaved Courgette & Fennel Salad / Crispy Hens' Egg / Saffron & Lemon Hollandaise

  • Roasted Bone Marrow (GFO) 11.5

    Slow Cooked Beef Shin / Nettle Pesto / Crispy Shallots / Toasted Sourdough


    Apple Remoulade / Toasted Sourdough / Fennel & Hazelnut Butter

  • Steak Tartare 16

    Hand cut Spey Side Aged Beef / Savoury Tart Casing / Cornichans / Parsley / Truffle Hollandaise / Quall Egg

Brand New

Our 600G Rump Cap Picanha

Sourced from the finest, hand-selected beef, our Rump Cap Picanha offers a delectable balance of rich marbling and robust beefy taste. Each mouthwatering slice is a testament to our commitment to quality and flavour.

Chef Lee's Signature Dish

Our signature Beef Wellington

Our Beef Wellington is a true masterpiece, featuring a prime cut of succulent beef tenderloin, seared to a mouthwatering perfection, and then enveloped in a delicate layer of golden pastry crust that’s baked to a crispy finish.


Featured Mains

Our range of ribeye steaks are sourced from local producers and prepared in our Glasgow steakhouse every day.

Featured Cocktails

  • NEGRONI 10

    Gin/Mezcal, Vermouth, Campari


    Tequila Blanco, Passionfruit, Orgeat, Lemon, Egg White


    Cucumber Gin, Elderflower, Lemon, Sugar, Soda, Prosecco


    Coconut Rum, Pineapple, Lime, Sugar


    Dark Rum, Dry Vermouth, Cinnamon Syrup, Passionfruit, Cardamon Bitters

  • Sidecar 10

    Cognac, Cointreau, Lemon


    Bourbon, Maraschino, Bitters, Sugar

  • Rob Roy 12

    Malt Whisky, Sweet Vermouth, Bitters

  • Espresso Martini 12

    Vanilla Vodka, Kahlua, Fresh Espresso, Sugar

  • Bellini 12

    Strawberry& Basil Peach


    Cachaca, Granulated Sugar, Lime

  • Spritz 10

    Aperol or St Germain, Prosecco, Soda Water

Our Head Chef has considerable experience in preparing, cooking, and presenting the best possible tomahawk and ribeye steaks.

The maestro behind the magic.

Our A La Carte menu is the brainchild of our esteemed Executive Chef William Lee. Chef Lee has worked in some of the best Michelin and Rosette kitchens in the UK and brings a wealth of experience and passion to our Merchant Steakhouse Restaurant in Glasgow.

What people ask us

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What is an A La Carte Menu?

A: Our A La Carte Menu is our primary menu and offers a diverse selection of individually priced dishes, allowing you to create your own customised dining experience. From appetisers to desserts, each item on our menu is priced separately, providing flexibility and choice for every palate.

A: Our A La Carte Menu is available during our regular dining hours, which are from Tuesday – Sunday. Whether you are joining us for lunch or dinner, you can enjoy the freedom to explore our menu at any time.

A: Yes, we understand the importance of catering to our younger guests. Our children’s menu features a variety of delicious and nutritious options designed specifically for kids. From classic favourites to kid-friendly twists on our signature dishes, there’s something to satisfy every young appetite.

A: Absolutely! At The Merchant Steakhouse, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse menu to suit every taste preference. Our seafood options include fresh catches sourced from local suppliers, expertly prepared to highlight the natural flavours of the sea. Our menu boasts a delightful array of seafood dishes sure to please seafood enthusiasts.

A: Yes, we are committed to accommodating dietary preferences and restrictions. Despite being a Steakhouse in Glasgow, our vegetarian and vegan options are thoughtfully crafted to deliver exceptional taste and satisfaction without compromising on flavour.

A: William Lee is an esteemed Executive Chef renowned for his culinary expertise and innovative approach to gastronomy. With a background steeped in the culinary arts, William’s journey began at a young age, surrounded by the aromas of home-cooked meals. His passion for creating exceptional food led him to explore various kitchens, honing his skills and refining his craft.


Throughout his career, William has garnered extensive experience working in Rosette and Michelin star restaurants, as well as some of the finest kitchens across the United Kingdom. His dedication to culinary excellence and commitment to quality have earned him a distinguished reputation.


As the Executive Chef of The Merchant Steakhouse, William brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the kitchen, curating a dining experience that transcends the ordinary. He takes pride in crafting a menu that balances tradition with innovation, infusing unique flavours and techniques to surprise and delight guests.

A: During your visit to The Merchant Steakhouse, you can expect an extraordinary dining experience characterised by exquisite cuisine, exceptional service, and a warm, inviting atmosphere. From the moment you step through our doors, you’ll be greeted by the aroma of sizzling steaks and the buzz of lively conversation, setting the stage for a memorable meal.


Our menu features an enticing selection of prime cuts, expertly aged and prepared to perfection by our talented chefs. Whether you’re craving a classic ribeye steak or tempted by our signature Beef Wellington, each dish is crafted with care and precision to deliver a symphony of flavours that will tantalise your taste buds.

A: While reservations are recommended to ensure availability and minimise wait times, we welcome walk-in guests whenever possible.


Our goal is to accommodate all diners and provide an exceptional experience, whether you have planned ahead or decided to spontaneously dine with us. If you are unable to secure a reservation, we encourage you to stop by, and our friendly host team will do their best to seat you promptly.


Please note that during peak hours, there may be a wait for walk-in guests, but rest assured, we’ll do our utmost to accommodate you as efficiently as possible.

Farquhar Macleod

An amazing restaurant. The food was superb and unique. The staff are lovely; so friendly and helpful.


The Merchant Steakhouse easily competes with some of the best steakhouses I’ve visited in New York.

Tony Fisher

The most amazing meal I have ever had!

Kathleen Lafferty

Everything was great. Delicious and Well Presented. Staff were Efficient and Friendly. Definitely Worth A Visit!

Siobhan Murphy

Really lovely experience, we booked the market menu. I would highly recommend and definitely go back.

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