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Join us on a journey from the aging room to your plate as we unveil the magic of dry aged steaks at The Merchant Steakhouse in Glasgow. Discover the transformative process that turns premium cuts of beef into culinary masterpieces.
Our highly anticipated Market Menu is now available and we warmly invite you to experience it with your nearest and dearest.
“We’re not reinventing the wheel, we’re just cooking really good food”. Read our exclusive interview with William, executive chef, who shares what makes The Merchant Steakhouse a cut above the rest.
With over 120+ five-star reviews on Google, The Merchant Steakhouse is the joint top highest rated steakhouse in Glasgow.
Daryl Knox is our operations manager at The Merchant Steakhouse. In this post, Daryl will share our vision for The Merchant Steakhouse, and the progress we have made since launching in May this year.
Enjoy Al Fresco dining in the sun with The Merchant Steakhouses’s new beer garden. Open just in time for the summer.